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Scenarios tagged: crab

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play Survival of the Crab
plays 943 / votes 0

Survival of the Crab

by MagnusDominus, 2021/8/10

Eat all the worms before the lobsters get you.

play The Crab Game
plays 744 / votes 0

The Crab Game

by dsphilips21, 2020/6/7

First edition of the crab game from the book.

play Στου γυαλού τα βοτσαλάκια
plays 950 / votes 0

Στου γυαλού τα βοτσαλάκια

by iosifidis, 2020/2/7

Crab eats worms!!!

play The Little Crabs!
plays 1232 / votes 0

The Little Crabs!

by fechioop, 2019/11/12

Crab—French Fry Eating Challenge

play Little Crab 1.0
plays 813 / votes 0

Little Crab 1.0

by YaBoi853, 2019/10/28

play Beach Battle
plays 1024 / votes 0

Beach Battle

by Redbread, 2019/10/7

A small modified game of the original Little Crab!

play Little-Crab-AP CSP
plays 885 / votes 0

Little-Crab-AP CSP

by WWZO, 2019/5/12

Extended version of Little Crab

play Little-Crab-APCSP
plays 943 / votes 0


by Converses, 2019/5/12

Extended version of Little Crab

play Hertog Jan Icebear Game
plays 1006 / votes 0

Hertog Jan Icebear Game

by Falkoe, 2019/1/10