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Scenarios tagged: crab

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play Little Crab Game
plays 10979 / votes 0

Little Crab Game

by rohwedder, 2010/9/20

Eat 15 worms before you get eaten by a lobster.

play Improved Little Crab
plays 4520 / votes 0

Improved Little Crab

by Super_Hippo, 2012/12/7

Which animal will rule the beach?

play eat the worms!!!
plays 1510 / votes 1

eat the worms!!!

by ortua, 2013/3/18

play Little Crab Game
plays 1600 / votes 0

Little Crab Game

by wilson108, 2013/6/4

A fun game to feed the crab!

play Στου γυαλού τα βοτσαλάκια
plays 169 / votes 0

Στου γυαλού τα βοτσαλάκια

by iosifidis, 2020/2/7

Crab eats worms!!!

play little-crab-4
plays 817 / votes 0


by Haloman13445, 2015/10/20

The little Pinchy

play Little Crab Chapter 4
plays 1783 / votes 0

Little Crab Chapter 4

by Thunderbird, 2015/10/20

Little Crab 4 Simulation

play The Lobster killer
plays 450 / votes 0

The Lobster killer

by Diejandro, 2018/10/23

Is amazing, you're a Crab, prro

play Battle Tortoise
plays 3400 / votes 1

Battle Tortoise

by KrispyKarim, 2010/9/24

Use a cannon powered tortoise to take out some crabs!