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Scenarios tagged: counter

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play Spider Cave
plays 191 / votes 0

Spider Cave

by Targetplaz, 2019/4/4

avoid bats and rocks to eat the flies

play Hertog Jan Icebear Game
plays 173 / votes 0

Hertog Jan Icebear Game

by Falkoe, 2019/1/10

play PacMan-TheRevenge
plays 1604 / votes 1


by nihil59, 2017/9/10

After years of being beaten by PacMan, the ghosts are out for revenge. Can you beat them?

play Galaxy Hunters
plays 710 / votes 0

Galaxy Hunters

by redevilwow, 2018/7/13

A competitive adventure for space exploration lovers with multiple levels

play Modern Crab Game v1.3
plays 733 / votes 0

Modern Crab Game v1.3

by Falkoe, 2018/1/8

play Modern Crab Game v1.2
plays 468 / votes 0

Modern Crab Game v1.2

by Falkoe, 2018/1/8

play Modern Crab Game v1
plays 698 / votes 0

Modern Crab Game v1

by Falkoe, 2018/1/3

play HarryPotter-Quidditch
plays 1340 / votes 0


by nihil59, 2017/9/10

Help Harry Potter catch the Golden Snitch before Draco does. Watch out for the Bludgers!

play little-crab-2-Ch4
plays 1163 / votes 0


by Rood, 2015/10/22

Little Crab Chapter 4