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Space gems

Use WASD to move around and hold the spacebar to activate your "phase" ability which allows you to pass through hostile objects and has its cooldown on display in the top middle of the screen. You can touch the planets but they slow you down. The asteroids destroy you on contact unless you activate phase before touching them. The aliens destroy you on contact too but they crash if they touch either the asteroid or the planet. If an alien crashes more aliens will come from the portals on either the right or left side of the screen. The aliens only start to appear when the waves are active which start at every multiple of 1000 starting from 500 on the time (500,1500,2500, ect...) and end at every multiple of 1000 starting from 1000 (1000,2000,3000, ect...). After wave 12 the game goes into an endless wave mode. Survive and collect diamonds to get a higher final score

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Tags: game counter setrotation() move() getrandomnumber() turn() setimage() getworld()

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Outstanding game - good images, exciting code and fun interaction.


By the way thanks for the explanation.

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