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Scenarios tagged: color

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play Color Waves
plays 1153 / votes 1

Color Waves

by Nichodon, 2016/7/2

A very weird effect.

play Circle Catcher
plays 1205 / votes 1

Circle Catcher

by trimil, 2016/5/12

Catch the falling circles

play Screensaver
plays 1167 / votes 2


by trimil, 2016/4/29

A simple screensaver-like program

play Thing
plays 934 / votes 0


by trimil, 2016/4/22


play bouncy balls
plays 1268 / votes 0

bouncy balls

by chiefs3, 2016/4/18

completed ball scenario

play Drench
plays 880 / votes 0


by SaxOps1, 2016/3/17

A remake of the popular flash game

play Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)
plays 1660 / votes 0

Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)

by trimil, 2014/6/28

In this game you breed frogs to make new ones.

play Color Coordination
plays 1947 / votes 1

Color Coordination

by danpost, 2012/4/23

Find the exact color or colors you want.

play Color Mixing
plays 1007 / votes 1

Color Mixing

by NikZ, 2015/6/5

Pixel color mixing