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Scenarios tagged: ant

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play Langton's ant
plays 1194 / votes 0

Langton's ant

by Super_Hippo, 2016/1/30

Watch ants color your screen

play Insect War
plays 6088 / votes 11

Insect War

by Super_Hippo, 2013/3/5

Send out armies and defeat your opponent!

play Ant vs Sugar
plays 1050 / votes 0

Ant vs Sugar

by Venbha, 2017/8/3

ant and sugar eatings

play Snakes, Ants, and Lemurs
plays 913 / votes 0

Snakes, Ants, and Lemurs

by tannercyost, 2017/2/16

play mithes-semut
plays 794 / votes 0


by yunianto, 2016/8/2

latihan greenfoot

play Sanic Foodchain
plays 910 / votes 0

Sanic Foodchain

by 20adriennech, 2015/10/24

First Greenfoot project

play MarinecatchesAnt
plays 1086 / votes 0


by MrKaiser, 2015/9/17

catch the ant

play Ant sim
plays 1970 / votes 1

Ant sim

by KevinWelch2001, 2014/11/12

A ant sim

play Ant Driver
plays 2247 / votes 1

Ant Driver

by pkramo, 2013/11/18

A game to get really addict!