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Crush and Conquer v1.3

Okay, so this game is kinda complicated. Let's see...
You are red (bottom right).
You train units by clicking on the selection bar and then on a peasant(the little black guys). You can left click on a unit and click somewhere else and it will go there. Right-click will make a box allowing multiple selection, but don't lead it outside the bounds. You can also control-click units to arrow control, numpad 0 to cancel.
Lead you units on top of your opponent's base to deal damage. These are the units, starting from the left.
1. Tank($800): Very strong. A game-winner if you can afford it.
2. Sniper($300): Fantastic range, very powerful. Not much health though. Deadly against Miners.
3. Machine Gunner($300): Slow, fires extremely fast.
4. Medic($75): Fast, does not attack. Heals friendly units nearby.
5. Scout($50): Fast, cheap, slow firing rate and low damage though.
6. Soldier($100): Average speed and damage.
7. Miner($100): The primary method of earning money. Send them to the quarries to earn more money.
8. Bomber($150): Shoots a bomb doing high area damage.
NOTE: Any relation to any other games, particularly Team Fortress 2, is completely coincedental.

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Tags: mouse game war

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