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A work in progress support class that I'm making for my challenge entry later this month.
This scenario includes a Wind class that will push actors around based off of a speed, a range of wind speed, and specific actors resistances to the wind.
Move the foot around using "aswd". To increase the foot's resistance to the wind, press 1. To decrease, press 2.
You can make your own sand by dragging the mouse around. To increase the amount of sand you make, press the up arrow. Every time you press it it will add 1 more to the sand cluster. To decrease, press the down arrow.

To use the Wind class, you need the Wind class and the WindActor class. Use the add and remove methods to add and remove (who would've guessed) WindActors to the list of actors the Wind object affects. The WindActors need to accept a Wind class, and it will add itself to the Wind's list. Then you can choose the range of the wind's speed (0 to 1), the maximum speed (will go that fast if it reaches 1). You also need to supply an int that will specify a direction (currently only 4 directions).

In the future:
- At least 8 directions
- A better formula for resistance and wind flow

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Tags: demo with-source

This scenario is a member of: Reusable Code from FRUP

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