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June Challenge 2013 Poll

Vote for your favorite game from last month's challenges. You cannot vote for your own, and you can re-vote in different difficulties if you want to. Your vote will only count for one scenario per difficulty.
The results will be posted on Friday at the link below:
Here's the link to the collection:

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Tags: challenge 3 poll 2013 c3ij13 c3ej13 c3bj13 c3mj13 june

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Procaryota was uploaded in march
So what? It is in the groub and all the others said, that it can be a member, too.


The point of the challenge is that it must be done within the given month
Multiple voting is possible? No it's not, and I've made sure of this. You can vote once per difficulty, and if you go and vote again, it will move your vote to the second one. You can't see the results, but I can, since I made the scenario.


Nice job


When are the results going to be posted???
In the description: "The results will be posted on Friday at the link below:"
I'll post it in the morning
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Jul 05 14:59:20 UTC 2013 Closed the poll, no more votes are allowed.

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