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This is my attempt at creating a game in the spirit of
Shining Force. Use the arrow keys to move around, the
enter key to talk, space to end dialogue. In a
battle sequence, use 'a' to attack the enemy you
are facing, and 's' for your character to hold its

The battle system is far from finished, in particular,
the AI doesn't work. The midi files I used for my class
version are not included, because I do not have rights
to redistribute them. Any comments would be appreciated.

It is possible that this scenario won't work. There are
*.mask files I used in my source that I use as a text map
of the world. When I export on my computer, I need to include
these files in the same directory as the .jar file.
Seems that it doesn't work and I see no way to include the mask files here! If you want to see the game, full source,
and a working version should be posted on my website in a few minutes, though you'll have to download the application. I still
can't get it to work as a web page applet for some reason. Anyone know anything about .jar files?

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Tags: game with-source

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Hiya, Have you tried putting the mask files in the images directory and then referencing them from in there? Just a thought, but might work. Michael


I haven't tried that. I doubt it would work, though. The mask files are included in the jar, but my game is looking for them outside of the jar. I think this is what is causing the applet to oops. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to put more time into getting this scenario fixed!

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