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henrYoda presents ...


Space game

This is a hard(At least for me :P) space game where you need to kill all of the robots before there are too many and you die. You see, everytime a ROBOT TOUCHES EACH OTHER ANOTHER ONE IS CREATED(Maximum of 20 at a time). The scoreboard is not fully implemented as I need to work out a way to get userInfo(If you know please tell me), and right now if you kill all the robots nothing happens, but I am still working on this game
All feedback is appreciated, especially since it's my first game. I would also appreciate it if you look at my code and tell me how I can improve/simplify it.

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Apr 27 22:33:25 UTC 2013 Forgot to add source code, and now when you fire a shot and it hits the edge it bounces back, making the game harder.(Might add difficulty, allowing you to change that.)


one thing you could do is have it so the bullet does not head back to you if you hit the edge of the screen.


You should enlarge the screen, it is a bit small


@JetLennit, @WolfffRoxx I made the bullets bounce back at you so that the game is hard, I love hard games, they are so much fun :), also, I made the screen small for the same reason, to make the game really hard. I suppose I could add difficulty, but I don't have a lot of time because my end of year exams are coming up. P.S. You might want to play the updated version of this game, "The robots - Kill them before they spread", this version is a little bit buggy

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