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Greenfoot back

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muhidin presents ...



Pemain1 / Player 1
a = left
s = down
d = right
w = up
v = bomb
g = life

Pemain2 / Player2
left = left
down = down
right = right
up = up
p = bomb
Enter = life

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Tags: game with-source smapluspgri

open in greenfoot
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I like it ! But the movement of the turtle is very slow! And.. the movement should "blocky" (i think change the super constructor at the world class.. super(20,20,50) , 50, not 1 The explosion should slower :D
You might want to split the title into a few separate word, cause its messing up the home screen.


Ah good old bomberman... meant to get round to making a greenfoot bomber man but haven't yet. As for bits to do - well it'd be good to move a bit faster to start with, and after that, powerups, levels, etc. etc. - the limit is your imagination with this one!

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