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UnderwaterAlbatros presents ...


Frogger V.2

Alright, Frogger time!
Use the arrow keys to move the frog up down left and right. tapping the arrow keys moves the frog one little set distance at a time, but if you hold the arrow key the frog will move faster in that direction. Things that can kill you if touched: Vehicles, Otters, Water, Snake. Cross the road avoiding the vehicles that wish you flattened and then dodge the snake, then master the logs without touching anything harmful, and retrieve the four lady bugs before finishing the game by collecting the fly. Basically, collect each lady bug then the big fly at the end. Each time you collect a ladybug you will be transported back to the original spawn. Also you have three lives which are being kept track of in the upper left of the game.

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri May 11 20:27:28 UTC 2012 This is an update for the game, now you must retrieve the four lady bugs before catching the fly.


the screens big and you could add a ending screen but its really good


forget the ending screen my computer was being laggy!?:)
Yeah man, I'm creating a new end/win screen

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