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ahomieineed presents ...



One level of a side-scrolling
mario game. I'll update this in
a few weeks with more levels,
features, etc. But for now,

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Tags: game with-source side mario scrolling platformer

open in greenfoot

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Dec 12 14:37:32 UTC 2008


It doesn't seem to work for me...


Oh it does now. Strange. Anyway - nice start! The side scrolling thing works reasonably well, though a lot of blocks seem to collect towards the left hand side at the end of the stage. The basics work well, there's obviously a lot of scope for adding more graphically, jumping could be smoother and something to show I've reached the end of the stage would be nice - but it's a good foundation here for building more.


Hey, thanks man. Yeah, I had to turn it in by a deadline for a class, so I had to leave some of the kinks unfixed. But I'm gonna jump on that stuff asap. Thanks again for the feedback!


Nice game! I've always been a huge Mario fan, and this is just great! I'm looking forward to your updates!


Doesn't work for me there is an error in the Mario class in which you need to fix.

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