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The JL235 Collection

This is four of my games put together to make a new complete game. It randomly switches between games highlighting them before the switch. When a game is selected, you can play it. Otherwise it is paused.

The four games used are: Pip the Pea, Space Snake, MineSweeper and Circles. Instructions on how to play these can be found on their scenario pages.

This is meant as a proof of concept rather then a real scenario. Over the last month I been building my own library on top of Greenfoot in order to offer the functionality that I need to complete my current projects. This is a prototype scenario to prove (and test) that the library works. It allows custom collision handling and detection, multiple worlds, switching between worlds at runtime, worlds within worlds, more intelligent actor paint and act ordering, seperate act and painting, allowing actors to go outside of the world and much more.

For example with this scenario there are 9 world objects; at the top is the main world that everything is within, 4 of them are the 4 games (they are just dropped straight in) and there are 4 wrapper worlds to provide the automated pausing and overlay graphics. This makes it easier to componatise different layers of the scenario.

A new random picking algorithm. It will still randomly pick any game (including the same one repeatedly) but will give bias towards the least played of the four games.

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Tags: mouse game remake collection showcase

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I only ever get the bottom two. And you might want to make it so that it randomly selects a game other than the one your playing, so you don't get any repeats.


Crazy idea! Great.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Nov 16 05:18:11 UTC 2008


i like the "pip the pie" scenario in here, because the size is smaller




The Minesweeper scenario doesn't reset if you lose, but the random selection will keep selecting it.

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