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Caveman In Space

Left-key to move left
Right-key to move right
Up-key to flip gravity (works only if you are on a platform)

About this game:
It's kind of like VVVVVV, but not nearly as hard, or nearly as good. Instead of jumping, you flip the gravity, so you go up instead. You can flip the gravity again to go back down.

Goal of the game:
To get the meat (and eventually the steak) before time runs out (which is your "Hunger" counter). You get a bit more time by eating the steak (eating the steak also advances you to the next level). Advance through each level (3 levels in total).

Ways to die:
Eaten by dinosaur, fall/fly into nothingness, burn, hunger goes to 0 (note that unlike getting hit, hunger will deplete all your lives).

1. If you hold the left or right key and flip once, and twice, it CAN (not sure if this is fixed) screw up and cause you to fall through the bottom platforms.
2. You can get inside the brick platforms if you somehow manage to walk in while falling and getting in through the sides. Doesn't happen unless you actually try.

Next Steps:
If I ever feel like it, I might add more levels. Fix a few bugs maybe...

SoundBible, community of Iconspedia, Mr. Cohen (for almost everything), Steven Diao, Greenfoot tutorials, developers of VVVVVV, and for anyone else I didn't credit, thank you :)

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Tags: game physics with-source vvvvvv caveman platforming

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Jun 18 18:41:24 UTC 2011 1. Changed all my parameters to private variables. 2. Dinosaur doesn't kill you when you respawn while the dinosaur is at your spawn (2nd level only).
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Jun 25 00:26:23 UTC 2011 An attempt to publish the source code to make this project open-source-ish. Unfortunately, I had to recode some of this project because of some progress loss (even though I shouldn't be happening due to the fact that I clicked compile quite often). Anyways, you can borrow some of my code, which most of them belong or were almost completely supported by Mr. Cohen, which by the way again, thanks. :)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Jun 26 21:15:25 UTC 2011 Forgot to kill the Caveman when you drift off to space, no thanks to failure to save my files.

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