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Bennett presents ...


Dog Food Dash

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move.
Try to collect as much food as possible.

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I don't understand when the game ends. Is there a timelimit? In that case a visible counter which counts down to 0 would help.


there is something wrong with the timing, it is just not consistent, you might want to check it out.


okay ignore my last comment, I just looked at your code and you have it so that the game gets a random number and that is how many food bowls you eat. uhh... it may just be me, but if I am going to play a game, I want there to be a way to win and make it a way to not just win by random chance. This is not a negative comment this is just a suggestion that you find a different end scenario. One more thing, please do not spam codepoint with all these little games. I am making a game, I might make two, but that is it. These games are kind of interesting, but please don't make one a day like you have so far.


Why not make lots of little games? I like looking at lots of little games. If you want to put more work in yours, that's fair enough, and you may have a better chance of winning. But I don't think having a lot of ideas floating around here is a bad thing.

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