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Aerial Assault: Dogfights [Single Player]

One Player engages in a Dogfight with a Fierce AI Adversary

The Enemy is Aggressive, so Caution is Advised!!

**Single Player Version of AA: Dogfights**

• Each Aircraft Starts with:
- 250 Health Points
- 250 Ammo (Bullets for Gun)
- 1 Missile (Unlimited)
- 5500 Fuel Points (depletes at ~61 Fuel Points per Second)

• An aircraft moves at Speed 3,
- by holding [W] (for Player 1) the Speed is gradually increased up to 11 (which is very fast)
- the Longer those keys are pressed, the more the speed is increased, however, the Fuel depletion rate increases to 244 Fuel Points
Depleted per Second
- when those keys are not being pressed, the Speed slowly drops back down to 3, along with the fuel depletion rate
• *WARNING* if Fuel reaches 0, the Aircraft explodes, so use fuel conservatively!

• 1 Bullet Deals 5 Damage to an Aircraft, 1 Ammo = 1 Bullet
- Bullets don't have infinite range, so the Player needs to get somewhat close for the Gun to be effective
- Bullets travel approximately half of the World's Width

• 1 Missile Deals 90 Damage to an Aircraft, so watch out as Missiles can quickly end a game!!
- Missiles shot by the Player will make a High-pitched BEEP sound when fired, this means that the Missile has locked on to the Enemy
- Missiles shot by the Enemy will make a constant Low-Pitched Beep sound
- After a Missile is used, another Reloads after ~6 seconds
- Missiles move quickly at Speed 8 and last approximately 4 seconds
- An explosion sound plays when an Aircraft is struck with by a Missile

• How to Defeat a Missile?
- Using Flares (Q for Player 1). Flares will sometimes cause Missiles to switch their primary target from the other Aircraft to the Flares.
- Flares deploy in Bursts, each Aircraft has 4 bursts
*NOTE* Flares from anywhere will attract a Missile; this means that a Player's Missile can be defeated with that same Player's flares.
*NOTE* Flares will NOT protect from Head-on Missile shots as Flares are deployed from the REAR of the Aircraft
- Speeding Up past Speed 8, the Missile can't keep up

• Once the Health Points reach 0, the Aircraft Explodes and an Explosion sound is played... but occasionally, Tom's scream is played instead
- After an Aircraft is defeated, the board is reset, and the survivor gains 1 point, and a new round is started. (There are infinite rounds; play until bored!)
- If both Aircraft are defeated, no one gains a point.

Player (Blue) - Stats appear in Top Left:

W - Increase Speed
A - Turn Left
S - Fire Gun
D - Turn Right
Q - Flares
E - Fire Missile

• *WARNING* Do not click Reset while ANY key is being pressed, this may cause bugs such as:
- Guns, Flares, and Missiles being used all the time, without pressing its Key
- Automatic and Indefinite Speed Increase to 11
- Aircraft is stuck in an infinite turn
• To fix this, Refresh the Page (: Command+r | Other: Control+r)

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Tags: mouse game action player single 1v1 jets

This scenario is a member of: Aerial Assault: Collection

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-03-13 03:22:12 UTC
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-03-19 05:30:21 UTC


*UPDATE* Added Infinite Rounds and Scoreboard
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-03-26 01:03:39 UTC


*UPDATE* Increased Aircraft Health by 100% [100 HP -> 200 HP]
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-06-29 22:01:21 UTC


*UPDATE* - Increased Aircraft Health by 25% [200 HP -> 250 HP] - Reworked Flares: Flares now release in Bursts, but each Aircraft only has 4 uses! - Reworked Missiles: - Missiles are now in Unlimited but require a Reload time before the next use - Missiles have a small chance of not tracking the target - Missiles track and follow the target less aggressively and can be dodged more easily - Your Missiles play a high-pitched beep sound when locked, the Opponent's plays a low-pitched but repeated beep
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-07-02 18:39:01 UTC

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