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Aerial Assault: Dogfights

2 Players fight against each other in the sky, the goal is to destroy the other player with Guns and Missiles.

• Each Player Starts with:
- 100 Health Points
- 250 Ammo (Bullets for Gun)
- 2 Missiles
- 5500 Fuel Points (depletes at ~61 Fuel Points per Second)

• An aircraft moves at 300 mph,
- by holding [W] (for Player 1) or [I] (for Player 2), the Speed is gradually increased up to 1200mph (which is very fast)
- the Longer those keys are pressed, the more the speed is increased, however, the Fuel depletion rate increases to 244 Fuel Points
Depleted per Second
- when those keys are not being pressed, the Speed slowly drops back down to 300mph, along with the fuel depletion rate dropping to ~61 p/s
- the aircraft can slow down by pressing both Turn buttons simultaneously. This will drastically reduce speed. *WARNING* If speed is below 300mph for too long, the aircraft will stall, lose control, and then explode. To escape a stall, increase speed.
• *WARNING* if Fuel reaches 0, the Aircraft explodes, so use fuel conservatively!

• 1 Bullet Deals 5 Damage to an Aircraft, 1 Ammo = 1 Bullet
- Bullets don't have infinite range, so a Player needs to get somewhat close for the Gun to be effective
- Bullets travel approximately 1/4 of the World's Width

• 1 Missile Deals 110 Damage to an Aircraft, so watch out as Missiles can quickly end a game!!
- Missiles move quickly at 800mph and last approximately 4 seconds
- An explosion sound plays when an Aircraft is struck with by a Missile
• How to Defeat a Missile?
- Using Flares (Q for Player 1, U for Player 2). Flares will cause Missiles to switch their primary target from the other Aircraft to flares.
*NOTE* Flares from anywhere will attract a Missile; this means that a Player's Missile can be defeated with that same Player's flares.
*NOTE* Flares will NOT protect from Head-on Missile shots as Flares are deployed from the REAR of the Aircraft
- Speeding Up past 800mph, the Missile can't keep up

• Once the Health Points reach 0, the Aircraft Explodes and an Explosion sound is played... but occasionally, Tom's scream is played instead
- After an Aircraft is defeated, the board is reset, and the survivor gains 1 point, and then a new round is started. (There are infinite rounds; play until bored!)

• In a Dogfight (a close Fight between Aircraft), it doesn't matter who was Destroyed first; it matters who survives.
- For example, if Player 1 shoots down Player 2, but then Player 1 is destroyed by Player 2's Missile, Nobody gains a point

Player 1 (Blue) - Stats appear in Top Left:

W - Increase Speed
A - Turn Left
S - Fire Gun
D - Turn Right
Q - Flares
E - Fire Missile
A+D - Slow
Player 2 (Red) - Stats appear in Bottom Left:

I - Increase Speed
J - Turn Left
K - Fire Gun
L - Turn Right
U - Flares
O - Fire Missile
J+L - Slow

• *WARNING* Do not click Reset while ANY key is being pressed, this may cause bugs such as:
- Guns, Flares, and Missiles being used all the time, without pressing its Key
- Automatic and Indefinite Speed Increase to 11
- Aircraft is stuck in an infinite turn
• To fix this, Refresh the Page (: Command+r | Other: Control+r)

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Tags: game action 2player jets

This scenario is a member of: Aerial Assault: Collection

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-03-13 01:34:16 UTC
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-03-13 16:45:03 UTC
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2022-03-19 05:55:52 UTC


*UPDATE* Added Infinite Rounds and Scoreboard
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2023-01-20 03:23:59 UTC - Increased Health by 450% [ 100 -> 550] - Increased Gun Ammo by 60% [250 -> 400] - Increased Fuel points by 82% [5500->10,000] - Reworked Missiles: • Damage increased by 22% [90 -> 110] • Decreased Pre-Lock Speed by 40% [7->5] • Increased Post-Lock Speed by 50% [ 8->12] • Decreased Missile tracking effectiveness • Missiles dissapear when touching the edge • Missiles have smoke trails (just VFX) • Missiles are now in infinte quantity but need time to reload • Missiles now have lock tones, Blue missile plays a short, high-pitched "beep" when locked, Red Missile plays a constant, low-pitched "beep" sound when locked - Reworked Bullets (Gun) • Decreased range by 40% • Increased damage by 200% [5 -> 15] • "Ping" sound removed to reduce lag
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2023-06-27 03:53:31 UTC Added Airbrakes: Hold both turn buttons to drastically reduce speed. If Speed stays below 300 mph for too long, the Jet begins to stall which will lead to death. Speed up to escape the stall.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2023-06-29 17:18:07 UTC Fixed Airbrake mechanics Added developer features

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