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In this game you will be a person that muss rip and tear zombie and the a small creature called «the badness» you muss destroy the baril in the center for getting some loot. What type of loot are their? Its simple, you have 30% chance to get a weapon, 60% chance to get the HAMBURGER and only 10% chance to get the ULTIMATE KEY. You are gonna to need 3 of them for getting out of this zombie post apocalyptic place. And now the ultimate question: HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME, its simple my friend here are the command: use wasd for moving in the world, use the key «e» for picking up item, but careful! For picking up an item you muss select the hand. How can i select things? Its simple you muss just tap the key 1 of your keyboard. The key 2 is for selecting the Stick, the 3 is for selecting the knife, 4 for the shotgun finally 5 for the auto gun. You have a health problem? Don’t worry just eat the burger that you took by pressing the key r. Else you can NOT deal damage to the enemy with your hand. Only with a weapon and you muss pressing the space key for shooting/knifing/sticking. Else, sorry for the low resolution but it will be increased in a new version of the game, probably this weekend
music: Doom crossing eternal, link:

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