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Voly007 presents ...


1vs1 Shooter

Player 1:
W - Up
S - Down
A - Left
D - Right

I - Shoot up
K - Shoot down
J - Shoot left
L - Shoot right

Player 2:
Up arrow key - Up
Down arrow key - Down
Left arrow key - Left
Right arrow key - Right

5 - Shoot up
2 - Shoot down
1- Shoot left
3 - Shoot right

Click on the red square to start!

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2 votes | 0 in the last 7 days

Tags: game shooter 1vs1

This scenario is a member of: My friends' and my best games

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This game is unique! Nothing better than playing a good space game!


This game is very fun but you need another player beside you to play. You should make a one-player version.


a great game that has some issues but overall fun to play


I would recommend maintaining direction while shooting, rather than different controls for each direction of firing. Enable it so that it checks the direction of the player's last movements to decide which direction to shoot in.


nice game
Cool game! But I think we should make the screen a little smaller, because it's a little inconvenient to play(you can't see the whole map).

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