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The Magic Vending Machine

Dr Pepper- Press what ever key is shown on the screen you win at 35 points, the arrow keys can be replace with wasd.

Iced Tea- Casino Sim, basic rule apply to win bankrupt the casino, to loose reach 0 dollars. Press space to change amount your betting.

Fanta- Collect what color object it says one the bottom, once collected go back to the beggining to get the next objective, win by going to the end once all objects are collected. Avoid all spinning blades at all costs.
Pepsi- Press the tiles after the display with the lighting up tiles, wait for them to turn gray before pressing the next tile. You can restart if your on the first tile if you miss the combo by pressing "r".

Seven Up- Jump over all pylons except purple pylons. You loose if you touch a non-purple pylon OR you miss a purple pylon.

Orange Juice- Avoid lazers and overcome obsticles as you jump from platform to platform. You win after reaching a distance on 2500m.

Red Bull- Survive ten rounds of a zombie attack, use your trusty hand gun to fend off the monsters

Sprite- Fly through space avoiding the graitational pull from planets, collect remanats of satellites. Stay out of the planets atmosphere.

Final Boss- Beat King fire using your staff. He will spit fire and fireballs at you. His attacks will set the ground on fire so watch your step.

Dr Pepper- KylesGallery
Iced Tea- KylesGallery
Fanta- KylesGallery
Pepsi- KylesGallery
Seven Up- KylesGallery (M.Alllen for jump code)
Magic Vending Machine Code (Menu, Rest Menu, Tiltle, Win Menu) -KylesGallery
Magic Vending Machine Art PT.1(Rest Menu, Menu)-KylesGallery

Orange Juice - M.Allen
Red Bull- M.Allen
Sprite- M.Allen
Final Boss-M.Allen
Magic Vending Machine Art PT.1(Beggining Menu, Win Screen)-M.Allen

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