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Greenfoot Jeopardy

Test your Greenfoot and Java knowledge with this Jeopardy-like game!

Start with the basics.txt file and then move on to basics2.txt. All questions are from the first 4 chapters of the Greenfoot book.

The Game Settings screen allows you to adjust how the game operates:

o Use Timer: if set to "On", you have 15 seconds to select a "question"

o Display multiple choices: if set to "On", an answer has multiple question
choices to chose from. If set to "Off", you decide if your answer was

o Question file: choose a set of questions for the game. You have two files
you can choose from at this time: "basics.txt" and "basics2.txt". The first
file is the easier of the two. The second file includes a "Final Jeopardy"
style question.

Each question you get correct is worth a set amount of points. In the final
round you can wager on your ability to get the correct question.

Also, take a look at the GUIComponents: Label, Button and TextField. These are
Java Swing-like components implemented in Greenfoot.

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Thanks. I remeber spending hours trying to program my own text box with only mediocre results. Never got a cursor to work either. I'll have to check it out.


@GoCards52, Please remove this scenario. This is an exact copy of edparrish's at

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