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Game Project- Snake

Snake has a lot of history behind it. The first time this game was seen was in fact on a phone; Nokia in the year of 1997. Originally, the game is about a snake that constantly moves in one direction until told to turn. Main goal of the snake is to eat as many apples as possible without dying. In the original version of the game, the snakes’ tail expands as it eats the apples, it gets longer and longer until the player runs into it and loses.

There are two players and one object that respawns in a different location as soon as it gets eaten. The blue snake (player 1) can be controlled with these keys:
• Up arrow- used to go up
• Left arrow- used to turn 90° to the left
• Right arrow- used to turn 90° to the right
• Down Arrow- used to go down.

The red snake (player 2) uses these keys:
• W- This key is used to go up
• A- used to turn 90° to the left
• D- used to turn 90° to the right
• S- used to go down

How to play
This is a very simple but difficult game at the same time. The two players are fighting for apples. For every apple a player eats, they will grow and become longer. The goal of each player is to avoid other players’ tails, your own tail, and the border. After eating an apple, you not only gain a point, but you also grow your character and have a bigger advantage over the other. For the keys, refer to the information above.

How to win
Winning the game is not easy. To avoid losing you need to avoid your tail, the other persons tail and the border. As long as you don’t hit those, you are fine. While moving toward the apple, make sure you try to circle or move in a zig-zag motion, this will help a lot.

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