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Greenfoot back

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Calinor presents ...



WASD to move
Mouse1 to use your sword.
Find the sword and kill all the spiders!
The brown block is a door.

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Tags: game cabrillo real_cabrillo_college

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This is really cool! The sword rotating to point at the cursor is a nice touch. If I may make a small suggestion: I think a door to go back to the first room would be nice. Can't slay too many spiders imho. ;P


This is so cool! I never think of doing anything about the cursor. I think you could improve it by adding more levels and make some more pictures of the weapon and their ways to attack.


I'm loving the big You Died if you wander into a spider. Also loving the walls. This really has a ton of directions you could take it. I think as far as expanding the idea most certainly more rooms perhaps different weapons or more objects to interact with. Maybe set a condition to unlock the room (open new direction) once all spiders are defeated.


That's awesome! You aught to be the one to code the weapon class instead! Cool sword, wish it were longer, can't wait until a next version

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