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Connect to MySQL databases

Well rip, this scenario is kinda dead. Maybe you can still play it by using the legacy mode, but you cant really do anything here :(

This scenario should be able to connect to a mysql database, as long as greenfoot also uploaded the library. The valueeditor and scroll wheel things dont work because HTML 5 limitations. The database part doesnt work, i you can always mess with the displays themselves. The console can be toggled with f1. I would also like to mention that everything in this scenario is made by me. (this further proves i spent way to much time on this)

Enjoy i guess. I mean its not even a game, but i thought it was neat enough to upload.

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Tags: mouse demo database mysql not working

There is no HTML 5 translation of this scenario available.
View legacy version (requires Java plugin)

This scenarios uses Java features that are not available for use after conversion to HTML 5. Please try the legacy version, which requires the Java plugin to be installed.



ok well it kinda works in legacy mode? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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