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Checkers: Drag n Drop


There are two different ways to move in English draughts:
1.A simple move consists of moving a piece one square diagonally to an adjacent unoccupied dark square. Uncrowned pieces can move only diagonally forward; kings can move in any diagonal direction.
2.A jump consists of moving a piece from a square diagonally adjacent to an opponent's piece, to an empty square immediately beyond it in the same direction (thus jumping over the opponent's piece). Uncrowned pieces can jump only diagonally forward; kings can jump in any diagonal direction. A jumped piece is considered "captured" and removed from the game. Any piece, whether crowned or not, can jump a king.

Multiple jumps are possible: if after one jump, another piece is immediately eligible to be jumped—even if that jump is in a different diagonal direction. If more than one multiple-jump move is available, the player can choose which piece to jump with, and which sequence of jumps to make. The jumping sequence chosen is not required to be the one that maximizes the number of jumps in the turn; however, a player must make all available jumps in the sequence chosen.

Jumping is always mandatory: if a player has the option to jump, he must take it, even if doing so results in disadvantage for the jumping player. For example, a mandated single jump might set up the player such that the opponent has a multi-jump in reply.


If a man moves into the kings row on the opponent's side of the board, it is said to be crowned (or often kinged in the U.S.), becoming a king and gaining the ability to move both forward and backward. If a man jumps into the kings row, the current move terminates; the piece cannot jump back out as in a multi-jump, until the next move.


A player wins by capturing all of the opponent's pieces or by leaving the opponent with no legal move. The game ends in a draw if neither side can force a win, or by agreement (one side offering a draw, the other accepting).

Black (red) plays first.

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