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Bloodstream Defense

You are the greatest bacteria fighter of all time, but you have one weakness: viruses. Your job is to eat as many of the bacteria as possible but avoid the viruses. Make sure not to eat any good bacteria or you'll just harm the human you reside in... WASD are the controls, and make sure you know what everything looks like! Also, the human you reside in has eaten some vitamins! Collect them and get special boosts. Special two player edition coming soon! If a bacteria gets past you and reaches the end of the screen, you lose points, so watch out for that.

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Tags: with-source

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It keeps on stopping with me having a negative score even when there is nothing near me on the screen.


That's the point... You're not supposed to have a negative score, so in order to play more, you have to reload the page. When you have a negative score, you lost.


yes but I never touched anything, for some reason in middle of nowhere it makes a noise and stops as if you touched something


Oh... I know what you're talking about. I forgot to mention it in the description. If a bacteria gets past you and reaches the end of the screen, you lose points. I put in for realism.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2017-05-17 01:07:05 UTC Added source code and unlocked scenario.

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