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Cactus: The Merciless Hunter

An in-depth look at the hunting techniques of the common Ferocactus pilosus, also known as the Potted Cactus

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Tags: with-source real_cabrillo_college

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This game is harder than it looks lol. Very funny though. The right arrow key turning counter-clockwise seemed counterintuitive too me, and the terminal window got a bit busy when every created butterfly was announced to the player. I think this is because of the Butterfly's addedToWorld() function, but to be honest I can't quite tell what this does. Overall great job, keep up the good work!


I’m not really sure what the objective is. Regardless, I think the game is beautifully executed, well done. Some instructions could be useful though. Also, if you kill the butterflies at the beginning, it seems like nothing else happens so maybe you could automatically stop the scenario after that.


Amusing and creative set-up! A few instructions would have helped clarify some points for me (such as if the game should end when all the butterflies are gone), but overall this was a job well done.


This was cool! It took me a couple of tries to tell what was going on. Maybe make the flowers randomly generated too because whenever the butterflies would generate away from them the cactus would get them pretty fast and the game would end quickly. Also clear instructions would be nice.

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