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Tank Game

This is a game i have been working on for a while, quite simple so far, but has functioning AI, tanks and now, a menu, hurrah!

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Oct 30 13:10:04 UTC 2014 Another Update! Yay! +Added Second Level +Added Fog Effect For Second Level +Added More Titles And Menus *Fixed Things(I Think...) -Removed Nothing!


can you show me how to shoot please, I am doing a tank game for a school project. 9I would like to know how the tank shoots)


@alikhan, there are many scenarios on the site (some of mine included) that have examples of using mouse clicks to aim and fire shots from an object. My Global Defense scenario has cannons that aim and shoot by mouse actions, for example (and you can view the code of the Cannon class within the running of the scenario itself. Just do a search on 'Global Defense'.


@alikhan, after reviewing the class myself, I realize that it may be quite complicated for you, as it is riddled with extra stuff that would not be needed in your case. You should probably attempt something (create your Tank, Turret, and Shot classes) and when you run into difficulties, start a new discussion thread for help, posting the code you tried, copy/pasting any error messages you may be getting, and describing your issue both in general and in detail, providing any and all possible pertinent information..


You have bugged sound.


thanks for the reply, I have tried to open your game in greenfoot in school but their is no option, I also cant play the game because the school has blocked java


i have made my tank shoot, now I need help making other tanks shoot at me, any help?


when i hit the wall it sucks me up and then very slowely spits you out at the other side. and i get stuck in the green blocks beside that maybe fix the SUPER precise aim of the AI tanks and let em have a range wich they can shoot you cuz its annoying to get shot when u cannot see the enemy yet


I find it difecult to move with the turning beacause u can really see what the front of the tank is I suggest u or change the grapig of the tank or update the code so u for exple turn left if u press left and not slowly turn to the left
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