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This game obviously needs working on, but for now, it's good.
Blue (Tron) uses arrow keys, and Orange (Clu) uses WASD keys.

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Tags: game simulation tron nikz riders

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Geez, ColorMaker doesn't work, and now this one! They work perfectly in editing!
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Aug 08 23:25:55 UTC 2014 This is a re-upload. Nothing new, just testing.


WHAT?!! It works now!! It didn't before!! What happened?!


I have had a scenario upload and not load, simply re-uploading took care of it.


Nice, the null pointer exception stopped! But man, this is awesome, now you don't have to do constant 90 degree turns.


Well, I watched Tron Legacy and then compared it to the original Tron movie. Though in the original movie, the light cycles did 90 degree turns, in Legacy, the light cycles could move freely.


Clu always wins head on collisions. I fixed a similar problem in my "Blockem" game by checking if the other player has collided with something as well in the next cycle before it says who wins.


Yes, I noticed that when I was testing...
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Aug 10 02:59:39 UTC 2014 Head-on collisions no longer favor Clu. Also, after the game is done, it is impossible to keep playing.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Sep 14 23:37:18 UTC 2014 Added ->Beta<- cpu. Very dumb. Changed jetwall spawning, so now the trails look uglier :(.

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