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tomaspham85 presents ...


Clean this!

Movement with the arrow keys.
Pick up the trash with E key.
Time Counter added, bugs fixed.
I redid the engine to be very efficient (1200+ actors in world should not be laggy).
I also added midi music (thank goodness for open source code in greenfoot :]).
Before closing, please pause the scenario.

Description: People have littered trash in this bunny's home. Not only is this sad, but the trash will be washed down the drains and soak into the ground in time. This is extremely harmful to the environment and must be avoided at all cost. Use the bunny to collect the trash before the time limit runs out!

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Tags: demo codepoint-09-general

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How did you implement a scroll world like that? It's the first I've seen.


Minor problem, if you move away from the camera very quickly, say pressing up and left, but actually fall down (gravity you evil thing!), the camera sometimes loses you and just heads up into the green mess forever. Otherwise impressive design, have you considered adding some form of timer and a count, maybe forcing the player to pick up as many as possible, either taking alternative routes to miss certain pieces of trash for future gameplay?
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Nov 23 22:58:08 UTC 2009


Thanks for pointine out the error. I hoped it is fixed now. I also fixed the "phase" problem so the scenario will hurt your eyes much less. I will make a counter and new levels in my next update.


I like your scrolling world concept.


Tomaspham55, yes it looks like that's not a problem anymore, another small bug I've found is that if you press up under some block of green land for long enough you will jump through it. Otherwise the scenario scroll is great, it no longer hurts my eyes. Looking forward to the other features you might add. But do also bear in mind the aim of the competition, try to think how you can include those idea in your gameplay especially.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Nov 28 21:43:57 UTC 2009


Thank you. I have fixed the glitches and reworked the entire game engine, and added a timer.

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