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UserInfo String Test

Test the persistency of characters in storing then retrieving through UserInfo Strings

Character values range: [0, 65,535]

Left click to test single character values.

Right click to test with a backslash (value 92) followed by a single character value.

Your results will print out to the Java console.

** My Results **

- All values in range [55296, 57343], were replaced with 63.
- Value 92 is removed if followed by any characters when offsite (works onsite).
- Value 13 is replaced with 10 when offsite (works onsite).

Can download the source to see what the code is doing

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Tags: demo with-source bourne

open in greenfoot

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Wait, so values 92 and 13 work onsite?


I just tested it on here, and they work. But, might be a good idea to still avoid them for when testing scenarios offsite.


Yeah, I'll leave them remapped, but I can't very well test with your scenario because I don't have the java console configured so I can see it in my browser.


Crazy, my scenarios can store 3750 bits now in the strings, more than double previously (1750). I never did test onsite originally though...


In regards to being able to use more than 7 bits per character now. For sure I tested this offsite a year or more ago and past 7 bits didn't work. I think I'm ready to upload my big project XD


Yes, it certainly helps. But seriously, please do upload that project, I know I'm dying of curiosity.

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