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Not bad Peter. I see you used the line following code and it really helped. I'm pretty sure you were like me and started rushing the project at the end. It would have been nice to see the yellow orb that unlocks the end "door" but it's still challenging.
@MrCohen I couldn't either but after moving around and shooting at a different place, it broke for me.
Not a bad game. Why not make w to jump or space bar. Shift is too far to reach especially when shooting at the same time.
Space bar stops game?
If you spam the shooting button, 2 bullets come out of a muzzle flash and also if you jump while standing still and in mid air try to move directions, you can't however if you run a direction then jump you can move.
looks good.
Ok thanks. I'll come to you if I need help.
Thanks. I think it's just my bad computer. I do most of the coding and compiling on an old computer with 1gb of ram and integrated graphics.
Also in the actual world's hardest game, you don't die from hitting the wall.