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ah... i make the color red so u can see it ^^!
i has add some lv, but it stop while play .... ? it work good, and no error in my computer... can some one check what the error with this applet
i remove the image of the class.... and now it not lag.. but it stop in the middle of the game ... can u check to see what the error is ? cause nothing happen in my computer
it still lag... did i have to like remove the image ( create the letter class with no image) or what ?
so i create a class but do not set the image (Ex: a, b, c, d...) than create another class (display...) public static final GreenfootImage imageA = new GreenfootImage("a.png"); than on the act method setImage(imageA);//this will display the image??
can u show me how to declare the image as static fields
ok that i can fit, when i use the method atEdgeDisappear() if (atWorldEdge() == true) >getWorld().removeObject(this); it crash when i play... so i have to make like a bar.. and set it at the left edge. and use the checkCollision() method to end the game.... i will try to declare them as static fileds ^^! thank for your help
no.... if the letters reach the end of the screen... then you lose... the game end ^^! are there anything i can do with the images to make it less lag... cause it wok fine on my computer
it lag because i set the image (.png) for each letter?