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haha nice game
haha yes the real problem is that if there's gravity, the tank sinks into the ground. but since you fixed this problem, O_O omg i'm so glad!! (: thank you so much. will release a better version soon. cheers mate :D
cant wait for the other 2 songs to be made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you everyone for trying my game out and commenting on it, truly appreciate that. please "like" it if it's up to your standards! :D
wait my mistakes, it wont stop dropping bombs. but it can only drop 2 bombs in a row, which will then create a gap the tank should be able to land on.
the way i tested it was not by running the scenario over and over again. I actually placed four holes with gaps that the tank is unable to land on and tested the jumping distance, because the max number of holes that will appear in-a-row is 4. Otherwise, the world will stop spawning holes and the helicopter will not drop more bombs :/
haha i really love this game. i play it whenever i'm bored.
just hold space to shoot, press up to jump. the shooting and jumping are two different methods, so if there are glitches they won't be interlinked. and please, download my scenario so you can copy it and try fixing some of them k? cheers mate! :D