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Wow, two mega comments...
You should make two things. 1) Get hurt if you're too close to the barrel when it explodes. 2) Make reload button c or something close to the space bar. Just suggestions.
Yea... it helped. I'm working on it right now. And two more things. 1) The whole tabbing thing, I thought that looked nice! 2) The shoot == "yes", I was testing that but it didn't work any ways. I'm deleting the whole shoot thing, I'm going to do it later. I'm going to stick with how I made my Ground. You broke the record!
Source is here!
No, I didn't make Samus. I got her at
I know what you mean. This took me a 3 hour session to use GIMP to get him off the sprite-sheet and make him animated.
It's a little hard to move. You might want to work on that.
Yes, any tips on how to fix that?
Maybe, but I couldn't find any walking sprites for this guy. Maybe he could be the enemy.