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Roshan - I remember, just while I was a little busy, don't worry, I always remember it!
Just_in sorry, I can't download the game yet, but I may add this feature in the future)
No, it's not very difficult)
The game for some reason became very hung up.
And, I understand, I will definitely do it, because I noticed this problem a long time ago, thank you for the hint)))
Sorry, I didn't fully understand your point, can you please clarify?
Hi, I'm very happy to see you too, welcome back!!!! As for Artificial Intelligence, I've only seen my own, danpost, and RcCookie so far, can you please update your scenarios, I want to evaluate them, just like you evaluated mine))) Perhaps I will learn something new about the capabilities of AI)))
The fact is that I don't need to move objects at a distance of the double value, I just need normal movement)