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this is a fun game and good controls but its a little annoying that you cannot shoot bullets faster.
Fun game reminds me of fireboy and water girl.
Really cool minesweeper game I like how you can customize the game that's epic some of them are a little blurry but they play the same so its fine.
You walk very slow and shoot swords pretty slow also. The enemies don't follow you.
This is a very cool game and works pretty well, it is just kind of annoying to click help every time since there are a lot of controls. I suggest moving the controls into a small box in the corner and having the option to display it while you play.
Fun game but really easy you should add a reload button or more/faster monsters
This game is really fun its pretty much identical to the old pacman just a little choppier but its still really good.
Really cool concept and coding on the shooting of the rainbows. Making the items move slower and maybe adding more threataning enemies like birds as well as bombs might be a cool addition .
decent controls but I could not find a way to throw any balls. Good mini game but there should be more content.