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With the bug I don't get it what you mean, because I see no difference. And I am from Slovakia but I can't speak Russian.
I think I get what you mean but making a program is a problem for me, algoritmic problem as I read yours is not a problem. But I am new to Greenfoot and I would like to wait to the moment when I go to college because now I am only on High School. Thanks for solution I will use it when the time will come :) And I have also one question. (beside chess) When I publish a scenario, it won't upload (just show initializing). I don't know what to you know how to fix it?
Wow that would by very nice from you. I have trouble mainly with the check/pate/mate because of there are many possible ways to ... you know stuff around it. It is hard to write what I mean but I think you get it
It it hard as I wrote up in the comment, now at the moment I can't do it with my knowledge, maybe sometime in the future ;)
@danpost ok thanks
How do I rotate the middle row or column?
It is great but I would recommend to fix the Sharp notes buttons. 8,9 and 0 move 1 or 2 buttons more for better playing but it is amaizing Congrats!!!
Comment down your Highest Score...mine is 14620. Have fun!!! Be ready for my future scenarios. ;)
Thanks a lot! I know that framerate could be a bit better but at the time, I am not able to do this better. I hope that I will update this game soon with frightened mode, but I still dont have idea and I have work to do for school. Again! Thank you very much for your feedback. It makes my day! :D