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AdiBak's Scenarios

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play ShooterFish
plays 114 / votes 0


by AdiBak, 2020/1/20

Shoot the alien and avoid its bullets.

play MosquitoShooter
plays 73 / votes 0


by AdiBak, 2020/1/13

Shoot the mosquitoes before they eat the food.

play Flappy Bird
plays 362 / votes 1

Flappy Bird

by AdiBak, 2019/5/23

Re-creation of Flappy Bird Game

play Space Invaders
plays 252 / votes 0

Space Invaders

by AdiBak, 2019/5/21

Space invaders game

play NoWifiGame
plays 389 / votes 1


by AdiBak, 2019/4/27

The google chrome offline game

play White Blood Cell Game
plays 380 / votes 1

White Blood Cell Game

by AdiBak, 2019/4/19

Eat the bacteria and avoid viruses.

play Simple Snake
plays 678 / votes 1

Simple Snake

by AdiBak, 2019/4/18

A simple snake game.

play Atari Centipede
plays 368 / votes 0

Atari Centipede

by AdiBak, 2019/4/15

This is a version of Atari Centipede

play TopoGame
plays 664 / votes 0


by AdiBak, 2019/3/21

Navigate the crab to eat worms and avoid lobsters.