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RTS64's Scenarios

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play Emotion Comotion
plays 123 / votes 0

Emotion Comotion

by RTS64, 2019/1/17

a screen of different emotions that just float

play Piano Game
plays 133 / votes 0

Piano Game

by RTS64, 2019/1/17

follow the description on the screen and play

play Bubble maker
plays 166 / votes 1

Bubble maker

by RTS64, 2019/1/17

makes bubbles depending on what button you hit.

play Crab World
plays 121 / votes 0

Crab World

by RTS64, 2019/1/17

Move a crab and eat the worms. dont get eaten

play fatcat
plays 103 / votes 0


by RTS64, 2019/1/17

watch a fat cat do random stuff

play Wombat World
plays 144 / votes 0

Wombat World

by RTS64, 2019/1/17

simple simulation where wombats eat leaves

play BloodCell game
plays 141 / votes 0

BloodCell game

by RTS64, 2018/12/18

you are a white blood cell defending the red cells.

play Car Game
plays 375 / votes 1

Car Game

by RTS64, 2018/12/18

Two person car game. Last car standing wins

play Food Chain Fun
plays 224 / votes 0

Food Chain Fun

by RTS64, 2018/11/30

food chain where you control the vulture

play Crab game
plays 214 / votes 0

Crab game

by RTS64, 2018/11/15

your a crab on a beach eating food