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No Problem thought, but it would be nice to see some credits to my images in your game ;) .
Ups, never noticed that... Thanks for pointing my attiontion ti this, i have fixed it now with my newest rev of the game. ***UPDATA*** - Changed wave delay to a fixed delay of 10 seconds - Modified Creep balance a bit, note: THIS IS NOT TESTED YET! -> Give me Feedback on this please. Cause i also removed the speed buttons i have to work on a new button to skip the delay between the waves, 10 seconds can be a long time ^^ , i will do this at the weekend.
***UPDATE*** - Added a new map - Fixed some bugs - You will receive the extra money for beat one level now at the end from the level and not at the start from the next. - Changed Upgrade costs Sourcecode notations: Please note that in order to bring new features into the game i have changed the whole sourcecode of many classes and splittet the bullets for example in extra subclases. Please visit for a full list of changes that i made to the sourcecode from v0.9 Beta up to now.
***UPDATE*** - Minor code cleanup - Various bug fixes - Translated the full source into english - Translated the full game into english - Createt SVN:
***UPDATE*** - Modifyed balance - Added splash damage to Rocket Tower - Added sounds - Added sound on/off button - Redesigned map choose menu