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@PhantomX I've noticed these problems, but I also noticed that they only exist if you play the browser version or downlaod it from the browser. It works totally fine on the version that I'm exporting, I can't reproduec those no matter how hard I try, but when i download it from here it has those wierd bugs.
Yeah the rotate shapes part is awesome
Thats so crazy! I just made a lissajous curve thing like this in grrenfoot a few months ago! You don't happen to watch the coding train or numberphile do you?
The reason it was PointVector was because it was a class that i have saved that just has some usefull things but i just modified it and didn't bother changing the name. I thought about doing the second part but it was getting really late at night and i was just doing what was simplest, I probably will change the name and the resetting.
1: I had no Idea about the XOR thing. I didn't think the distance values sounded right. Thank you for that. 2: Yeah I know its not really needed and its poor code on my part but I spent way longer and way more mental energy making this than i planned to so I just left it.
Nevermind I figured it out (with your help) and now its up.
nice. I pretty much gave up on mine when I realized that what I've been trying to do most likely can't be done the way I'm trying to do it. Can you publish the source so I can see how you made the 0 squares disappear?
what happened to the source?
1073741824 has 30 steps. (2^x has x steps)