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Omg great game! I love it:)
Stop being so negative genji
I think the game has potential
The hitboxes need to be made smaller. If you go onto PowerPoint, crop the image to the smallest it can be without ruining the picture itself, make it transparent and then save the file onto the game, it will work much better.
Very nice!
Thanks for the suggestion! I didn't even realise there was a place dedicated for commenting and suggesting.
Hi everyone:). I need some comments and suggestions of how to improve my game for a reflection I must write for school. I would be delighted if someone familiar with programming could suggest a few improvements, as I need someone *professional* to look over it. But I would also appreciate other comments from anybody really. This is due Tuesday so I urgently need someone to just say anything. I am a newbie to programming, so don't suggest improvements that will be too hard for a beginner;). Thank You guys!
Played it until 1000 points:) Great game! Do you know how I can upload my own games onto Greenfoot?