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Brandman73's Scenarios

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play UserInfo Test
plays 75 / votes 1

UserInfo Test

by Brandman73, 2020/6/30

Worldwide movement test

play Banana Clicker
plays 187 / votes 2

Banana Clicker

by Brandman73, 2020/6/12

See what rank you can get in this clicking game!

play reaper leviathan simulator
plays 89 / votes 1

reaper leviathan simulator

by Brandman73, 2020/5/28

Move the leviathan with your keyboard

play 3D Terrain Generator
plays 137 / votes 1

3D Terrain Generator

by Brandman73, 2020/5/20

Use your mouse to cruise through a randomly generated 3D terrain!

play Animal Tower Defense
plays 165 / votes 0

Animal Tower Defense

by Brandman73, 2020/5/19

Defeat the incoming blobs by placing and upgrading towers.

play 3D rotatable cube
plays 134 / votes 1

3D rotatable cube

by Brandman73, 2020/5/18

use the mouse to rotate the 3D cube

play Block simulation
plays 171 / votes 1

Block simulation

by Brandman73, 2020/4/17

Turn the block and watch it spin

play Sliding Puzzle
plays 458 / votes 0

Sliding Puzzle

by Brandman73, 2019/10/28

Slide the pieces into place and solve the puzzle.

play Minesweeper
plays 333 / votes 2


by Brandman73, 2020/3/23

Try to clear the field by flagging mines!

play Scrolling Tile Engine
plays 124 / votes 0

Scrolling Tile Engine

by Brandman73, 2020/3/19

zoom around a randomly generated world!