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ET78759's Scenarios

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play Multiplying Asteroids
plays 1312 / votes 1

Multiplying Asteroids

by ET78759, 2017/3/12

There are just too many asteroids!!!!

play Food Web
plays 1266 / votes 0

Food Web

by ET78759, 2017/5/24

A simulation of foxes, rabbits and carrots in a large area.

play Sounds(Broken)
plays 1235 / votes 0


by ET78759, 2017/5/17

This version of Sounds(one of my scenarios) is broken.

play Asteroids
plays 1229 / votes 0


by ET78759, 2017/3/29

Destroy asteroids to save the galaxy.

play Bloodstream Defense 2-Player
plays 1200 / votes 0

Bloodstream Defense 2-Player

by ET78759, 2017/2/10

play Ball Art
plays 1177 / votes 0

Ball Art

by ET78759, 2016/10/31


play Asteroids(Prototype)
plays 1131 / votes 0


by ET78759, 2017/3/7

You gotta destroy stuff.

play Forver Winning Pong
plays 1112 / votes 1

Forver Winning Pong

by ET78759, 2017/7/7

In this game of Pong, you'll always win.

play Bouncin' Balls
plays 1058 / votes 0

Bouncin' Balls

by ET78759, 2016/10/25

A program of balls bouncing and changing color.

play Food Web(no graph)
plays 1042 / votes 0

Food Web(no graph)

by ET78759, 2017/11/18

Simulation of animals