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Yes! Found a glitch. So if you are building a tower and you go to the top and jump off screen it stops the game and you can't run it again. You have to reset. Also, if are at the top and build a block beside you bordering the top, it stops the game.
i think you could program a button to reset the map. that way i wouldn't have to keep clicking the reset. then i could scroll through randomly generated worlds by continuously pressing a key instead of clicking.
Any way to make the campfires have a circumference so that the lighting isn't so square? Otherwise, very nice!
I might make it so when you reload, it doesn't get rid of the unused ammo.
If I could control the cross hairs with my mouse that would be an improvement. I'm pretty beginner myself but maybe you could implement a way in which the scope sets its position wherever the pointer's position is.
When you press left, the chassis with the gun on it, turns counter clockwise. And when you press right, the chassis turns clockwise. Otherwise, I like the way the body of the tank moves. Also, I've noticed that the game will pause once I get kinda low on health and then I have to click run again and it continues for a bit before pausing again.
Dude. My baby unicorn got eaten.
I'm not a fan of inverted controls. If there was an options menu that lets you change that then I could maneuver a bit better. Otherwise it's fun and challenging.
Very cool. But when going against the AI, the invisible ball power-up doesn't really help you against them cause they know where it is regardless. In multiplayer, that'd be awesome!