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school under 16 (pupils in a primary or secondary school under the age of 16) (to qualify for this category, participants must be under 16 years old on 26th Oct 2009) ad im 16 here today so i dunno
ok, the reason it didnt worked at first was because greenfoot doesnt have help support or any related stuff on how to manage external libraries, in the usrlib theres a small txt file that especifies that by putting jars or zips of libraries, greenfoot will add em, however, greenfoot doesnt pack em with the jar file so thats the problem i´m still trying to fix.... please judges or greenfoot staff rewrite that txt file saying this so it wont happen to anyone again..
ok, now it works (play mp3) as an applet however, theres a minor bug in applet gameplay i think i havent fixed yet, added a score board that show your notes hit percentage and your average score, the link of downloading remains the same but now you can download it from greenfoot gallery itself by following this link the jar file size has been reduced and now its only 1.6 mb
the ending screen shows your final points and notes hit
points have been fixed, also i tried to fix the applet bug changing the mp3 classes to applet subclasses, however it didnt work. now i know why i crashes at applet execution, its because the mp3 library tries to access "sdf.ser" internal file and theres no permition o0?! so it crashes, a fix for this can be modifing your java policy file to something like " grant{ AllPermitions.....}" and so letting the applet to read all that he wants
¬¬ c´mon comment something ¬¬
why did u use SDL with ruby ? isnt ruby java like and by so have its own graphics?
no pss te kedo bien el jeugo despues de todo, ustedes son de mexico vdd, de alguna universidad o k? digo, supongo que se corrieron la voz jajaj no pss esta bn vatos :P
actually i disabled the menu audio FX in the scenary but in the jar file it sounds pretty well :D BTW i know judges have taken acopy o scenaries but i hope the really see the link thanks judges :D i congratz ur contest was actually very cool and you really got a lot of games ;D wish luck to everyone :P