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mik's Scenarios

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play Particles
plays 180 / votes 0


by mik, 2019/6/6

Particle simulation

play trick-the-turtle with highscore
plays 6232 / votes 10

trick-the-turtle with highscore

by mik, 2012/4/2

Test scenario for high score table

play Polle's sidescroll demo
plays 5642 / votes 3

Polle's sidescroll demo

by mik, 2008/7/30

A demo to show a side-scroll background

play UILibrary
plays 6697 / votes 8


by mik, 2010/10/6

Reusable GUI components (button, label, checkbox, ...)

play A new Lift project
plays 2837 / votes 4

A new Lift project

by mik, 2010/3/13

A lift simulation

play foxes-and-rabbits
plays 6066 / votes 5


by mik, 2011/12/13

A predetor/prey simulation

play Feena's game
plays 10093 / votes 17

Feena's game

by mik, 2008/3/1

Feena's Pengu Game

play My new piano
plays 2355 / votes 1

My new piano

by mik, 2011/3/4

A desktop piano

play MiksAsteroids
plays 7338 / votes 12


by mik, 2008/7/13

From the Greenfoot book

play Greenfoot Breakout
plays 10561 / votes 4

Greenfoot Breakout

by mik, 2008/7/15

A start of a breakout game